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Nirvana was Grungde, Kurt Cobain Was NIRVANA, maybe courtney love has all his money and and probably still makes money off Nirvana, whaaaaat, for sure i still see Bleach and Nevermind in the stores, but the soul and quality of Nirvana, Kurt Cobaim, grundge how ever u look at it that died with him. He was a man with issues he wasnt cut out for, he was # 1 and smells like teen spirit still remains the #1 rock song, and music video ever...he refused to do the video, but they made him do it and its still #1so whoever thinks he still killed himself is either oblivious to fact, or there just another figure in society he feared so much. A friend of my a long time ago look at me and told me aqua seafoam shame.but i still listen to nirvana everyday, so his legacy remains. I didn't exactly know what he meant at the time but now I do. We just take the blame and the punishment because we can, we don't get mad so easily.Kurt set into motion the 90's, a great time where anyone could have a song on the radio and being modest was cool.

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The only difference between The Beatles' false start and Nirvana's is that Nirvana's false start was cut out when their MTV Unplugged album was released.Ive never got the chance to say something if i had the power to do something but if "we all" keep making a big deal out of it maybe someone will hear us like he says all in all is all we are, bascically all we have is eachother by the way, sometimes he would change the lyrics of the song on different occasions, so what he did it cuz he could who was gonna stop him MTV yeah right, that shows creativety, that shows hes singing from his f'ing heart.Kurt Cobain, or Nirvana has been a part of my life for almost 20 years, i always remember his bday and of course his d-day, Grunge music was an art of rock and role created in a garage, Kurt Cobain mastered every aspect of grungde and took it to the very top, everything about him was grunge right down to his voice especially, i dont think anyone could match or even come close to making an impact on society and himself.he just didnt want it i know im repeating myself..maybe "i wish i was like you, easily amused", "find my nest of salt, everythings my fault, ill take all the blame ect....i just think this song has a lot to do with who he became so fast he was only 22 or 21 when they made bleach...because he says married, burried doesnt necesarally have to do with Courtney Love, or suicide maybe the married part was about his career and he he got so famous, but fame is worst than any drug sometimes and he feals burried in it now or then whatever.

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