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This instruction set enables the system to process twice as much data in same clock cycle - doubling the throughput.Xeon chips are better suited to applications involving complex data - such as large, multi-layered Photoshop files, 4K video or 3D scenes with huge textures - as they are generally more robust and reliable than Core chips. Benchmarks for what was assumed to be the i Mac Pro had already appeared in late October 2017.Final Cut Pro X 10.4 launching alongside the i Mac Pro.The company seeded units to a few creative pros, who have given the i Mac Pro glowing reviews following the short time they have had with the unit.The company has revealed that it is intending to launch a new display to sell alongside it's Mac Pro which is expected to launch in 2018.This new display could be even better than the Retina displays on the i Mac, perhaps even offering 8K. Apple revealed the specs of the i Mac Pro at WWDC in June 2017, confirming that the new i Mac Pro will ship with 8-, 10- or 18-core Xeon processors making it the "most powerful Mac ever made".Apple describes this as "workstation-class performance", noting the 22 teraflops of GPU performance, fast storage and Advanced I/O.We now know that Apple will also ship a 14-core i Mac Pro model, although these 14-core and 18-core models aren't going to be available until 2018. These are workstation grade hardware and they support the AVX-512 instruction set.

i Mac Pro is a huge step forward and there's never been anything like it." It seems that the cooling works well.

In this article we gather all the information available about this powerful new machine, from its clever cooling design and impressive tech specs to its UK price and release date. Other configurations have a delivery date of 6-8 weeks. ), but Apple claims that if you built a PC equivalent it would cost ,000 - and that's without the display. You'll also find the base model available with £147 off at KRCS here.

In the US the i Mac Pro ships in 4-6 business days. Currently you can only purchase the 8-core and 10-core models. The maximum configuration available is a 2.3GHz 18-Core Xeon W processor (Turbo Boost up to 4.3GHz), Vega 64 Graphics, 128GB memory, 2TB Storage, and 4TB storage for £12,279.

Earlier in 2017, ZDNet estimated that a full-spec build-to-order i Mac Pro with an 18-core CPU, 128GB RAM, 4TB SSD and Radeon Pro Vega graphics with 16GB HBM2 memory could cost more than £17,000! Following criticism that the company had been neglecting the creative pro audience, Apple revealed that it was working on an i Mac Pro back in April 2017.

Talking to a small group of journalists, Apple VPs Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and John Ternus acknowledged that the Mac Pro in its current form hadn't been meeting the needs of many pro users, and revealed that the company planned to update the i Mac to suit them.

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