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While they were in a circle in each other's arms, the record stopped with a potent silence. " British director John Boorman's gripping, absorbing action-adventure film Deliverance (1972) told about four suburban Atlanta businessmen friends who encountered disaster in a summer weekend's river-canoeing trip.

Sally: "He really appreciates a woman." Brian: (exasperated) "Oh, screw Maximilian! It included a disturbing, ad-libbed sequence of forced rape.

Sally asked a disinterested, platonic Brian as she placed his hand on her breast: Sally: "Doesn't my body drive you wild with desire? She asked: "Why didn't you tell me in the first place?

" They decided to continue to remain best friends, albeit platonic (Sally: "And friends are much harder to find than lovers.

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The film's poster revealed the entire plot - and the many demises of Bluebeard's unfortunate wives: It told about the evil and sadistic Count Bluebeard - Baron von Sepper/Bluebeard (Richard Burton), a WWI biplane flying ace with a blue-colored beard.

She reminded Brian: "Maybe those three girls were just the wrong three girls." He asked: "Doesn't my body drive you wild with desire?

"There was also the infamous threesome weekend drinking scene when the trio were slowly dancing together in the living room of Maximilian's palatial country estate.

Bob Fosse's musical was the first one ever to be given an X rating (although later re-rated) with its numerous sexual flings (including bisexuality, homosexuality and abortion) and hedonistic club life. " Sally: (caustically wondering) "Maybe you just don't sleep with girls. Well, listen, we're practically living together, so if you only like boys, I mean, I wouldn't dream of pestering you. "Although reluctant to discuss such matters, Brian admitted: "I do not sleep with girls.

When Brian was a tenant in the boarding room apartment with Sally and shared one of her rooms for tutoring lessons, she attempted to seduce him. Let me be absolutely accurate." He then confessed how he was unlucky with three previous attempts at heterosexual sex - all were disastrous ("The word for my sex life now is 'nil,' or as you Americans would say, 'plenty of nuttin'").

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