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Such a beautiful world with wonderful people everywhere, each their foods , each their ways , more respect for human kind. I anticipate your photographs of The Olive Tree - Brugge . I started at the top of the channel list %arc, and am about 50 channels into the Italy list of 300 and I will eventually, hopefully thank each host.

16dec17--Just a hand of days till your reservation at The Olive Tree - Brugge %arc , I wish you and yours a great evening. lol , ❤ the "Chapeau Bas" , I like most folk in the US of A , speak one language ( sad , I know ) , however I knew the word chapeau , but translated the phrase. The French language is so much more beautiful to speak and hear. without even thinking that cost him monthly fee and just be grateful for that amazing opportunity to views live so many magnificent places..

We agree on how inconsiderate many people seem, whether it is just ignorance of how things work here on S L , or intentional trolling is hard to figure. so Hat down "Chapeau Bas" to you for doing so for everyone%arc, thank you for noticing my acknowledgements to the hosts, we are their guests here on the comments of each host's channel.

I see sometimes some unfair comment almost insulting the host for not having broadcast sounds as well...

Your praise of The Olive Tree - Brugge is the type of comments that everybody needs to hear. After I saw how many beautiful places in our world to see here on skyline did not even have a comment, none , nothing.

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