Whats the legal dating age for washington

Since I am always very careful when making a booking and do my due diligence, I do not want this supposed "service" which to me is just a money-making grab on VRBO's part.When one is renting a unique vacation space that was chosen as a rental because it has some unique attributes, there is no way VRBO could make me happy by substituting something else.Those laws in Washington State aren't much different from the laws of other states.

If it's silent on the issue, giving no specific cutoff date, your support obligation terminates on her 18th birthday.

If your child wants to go to college, your financial obligation may be extended.

Depending on how old she is when your divorce is final, provisions for post-secondary education might be included in your decree, or you might have to go back to court later to address them.

Your spouse can file a motion with the court at that time, asking to continue the support order until your child graduates.

If your child is disabled and incapable of caring for herself, support can continue indefinitely or until she's no longer considered disabled.

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